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Fishing Report August 28th, 2018

Awesome is the only word to describe the tarpon fishing this past month.  As predicted August turned out to be the best month of the season so far.  Lots of tarpon of all sizes this month, but the big fish (over 140#) really surprised me.  We always catch our share of big fish in August, but overall the fish have averaged way bigger than usual.

I am sure you have heard about the "Fake News" red tide event here in the Boca Grande area.  It has been completely gone for well over a month.  It never came into the harbor and backcountry at all.  When it was here it affected a small area around the beaches and intracoastal waterway.  It lasted about two weeks in June and a week in July.  Groups on Facebook have blown it way out of proportion in order to profit from it.  They are making a ton of money.  Sadly it is hurting many businesses in the area.  Luckily Jenni and I have a well established clientele and it hasn't hurt our business yet.  Our clients have been making out good.  Not just with the great fishing.  You can rent condos on the beach in Boca for as little as $75-$95 a night.  Not bad when these same places were charging $300-$500 a night just two months ago.  Plus the beaches are as beautiful as always and they have had them to themselves.  Most of the restaurants are closed on the island because of the BS these people are spreading.

What are the biggest lies they are spreading?  Well one is the dreaded blue/green algae... I have been on the water 7 days a week all summer and I haven't seen ANYTHING blue/green.  I have no idea what they are talking about.  Another lie is the brown water is actually the red tide.  That is a joke.  Charlotte Harbor is always brown year round.  It is fed by the Peace and Myakka rivers.  The fresh water in the rivers is brown naturally, just like all of the fresh water rivers in the state.  Late summer because of the rainy season the brown water flows all of the way to the beaches.  Just like it always has.  They lie and say Lake Okeechobee is a dead lake with poisoned water.  The fishing in Lake O is awesome.  It is one of the best big bass hot spots in the world. Another lie is that the Everglades is dying.  That is a bad joke at best.  I spend 3 months a year fishing in the Everglades National Park.  It is the most pristine, untouched area I have ever seen in Florida.  Teeming with wildlife, fish and birds.  They somehow think that the water from Lake Okeechobee that is supposed to be "killing" the east and west coast of Florida is somehow going to save the Everglades.  How does that work?  Another lie is the red tide event is something new or that it has gotten worse over the years.  That is a huge lie.  Red tide events happen along the west coast of Florida every couple years as long as I can remember.  This past event was a mild one at best.  The dam at Lake Okeechobee was installed over 100 years ago.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN 100 YEARS.  Well what has changed is the ability to profit through Facebook, Youtube, GoFundMe etc.  They can put a few pics of a dead turtle and say 500 died etc.  It is all BS.  Have no fear, everything is fine.  If you are looking to book a fishing trip in Florida avoid any guide that is pushing this Fake News rhetoric.  Booking with any of these guys is a sure way to have a day listening to a bunch of BS excuses to why they can't catch you a fish...end of rant...

We are super excited to get back down south and fish for tarpon in the Everglades and upper Keys again this fall. November is booked solid, but I still have a couple openings late September and a few in October.

I will do my best to keep my fishing report updated.  For faster reports with lots of photos check out our social media.

Till next time,

Captain Mark Bennett



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Boca Grande-Charlotte Harbor, Florida Fishing Report

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