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Boca Grande - Charlotte Harbor, Florida - Tarpon, Snook and Redfish fishing report - light tackle and fly fishing charters with fishing guide Capt. Mark Bennett

Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor area

(actually Everglades, Florida Bay and upper Keys area)

Fishing Report October 10th, 2017


I havenít posted in a while.  Jenni and I have been busy running all over the Everglades and Florida Bay.  Because the Everglades National Park was closed due to hurricane Irma, we came down a few days later than usual.  We planned on fishing the waters around Islamorada and Key Largo.  Luckily with the windy weather forecast for the next few days the park opened the day we arrived.  With the park closed for just over a month and ZERO fishing pressure needless to say the fishing was nothing short of epic.

The screenshot is from a few days ago.  Shot with my Humminbird Helix 10 MEGA.  It shows tarpon holding in a shallow cut.  The drop off was only 1-2í.  The shallower area was grass bottom and the deeper was a mix of gravel, sand and mud.  This is an area I have found fish many times over the years.  These fish were not showing on top at all.  Other than the images on my Humminbird there was no sign of tarpon or even bait in the area.  Just a few years ago I would have quickly moved on without even wetting a line.  I was able to locate the fish and recognize the structure (the edges of the drop off).  Then using the Spot Lock feature on my Minn Kota Ulterra i-Pilot Link thoroughly work the area.  Amazing to say the least.

Some areas of Florida Bay and the Everglades really show the destructive power of a hurricane and some areas remain untouched.

Yes, Jenni out fished me all week. No surprise there...


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People wonder why Jenni and I don't swim on our beautiful beaches. 

Here is one good reason...

Boca Grande-Charlotte Harbor, Florida Fishing Report

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